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Yesterday, I tried to control a stepper motor using the L297 IC driver, but then I realized that I need another IC which could drive high current to the motor, similar to darlington transistor arrays. The ICs are being purchased at the moment for the need of lab experiment taught by my friend.

Oh well, I decided to learn how to generate a simple PWM in PCI-6221 on LabView -as you know I am always new in this, too many functions available, and I am not used to graphical programming-.

I utilized the counter 0 (DevX/ctr0) to turn on a LED (light emitting diode) that it will flicker according to the signal given. For this card the LED is located on PFI 12 (pin number 2).

Here is the front panel, where user can interact with the program: (more…)


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Screw Transformation

I am writing this while waiting for my “Robot Analysis” class at 11 am. Any of you who has basic knowledge about robotics, especially the kinematics must has ever heard the word Denavit-Hartenberg transformation. Well, I am not going to write about this method, but the other method which was AFAIK found the latest around 1971, if I am not mistaken.

I am not going to explain the whole theory, I will just show you the homework and Matlab program that I wrote for this transformation type. In Screw transformation, the reference and final point is arbitrarily chosen, this makes this method different to DH method.

Ok. Here’s the question:


Here’s the answer: (more…)

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