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Another basic article. My first time with LabView Real-Time. I decided to write a program to control an R/C servo motor with LV-RT. With PXI-7358, I decided to use the digital I/O, just by turning on and off the port according to the time constraint. I did not read the manual in detail, so I am afraid I missed something, but when I did a test how long the time took for turning the digital port from on to off was around 1.5 ms, and from on to off took 250 uS. It means that it is not possible to drive the R/C servo with digital I/O when the pulse needed should be between 200-2500 uS.

Here’s the code when I did a measurement on the time of digital I/O switching on-off: (more…)


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Again, still LabVIEW beginner. 🙂 I am currently reading an ebook titled “LabVIEW based Advanced Instrumentation System” by S. Sumanthi and P. Surekha, and IMHO this is a good book for beginner. I wish I could finish reading this book as soon as possible, because time is what I do not have 😦

Two days ago, I tried to control a stepper motor with ULN2803 and LabVIEW. FYI -again- I am new to LabVIEW, so don’t expect too much from this article. I have NI-PCI 6221 and NI-PXI 7358 with me, the later is specifically manufactured for motion controller but still it has the digital I/O. And in this article I am using the motion controller digital I/O to control the stepper, if you only have DAQmx you also still can use it to drive your stepper motor, because to control stepper motor only need digital output which you can generate from your DAQmx.

Here’s the LV source code:


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