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Sliding mode control is one of the robust control which can handle known uncertainties. It works by forcing the output state trajectory of the system towards our predefined sliding surface, so that it will slide on our surface in subsequent time. You can download the presentation file here, the title is “Simulation and Implementation of Servo Motor Control with Sliding Mode Control (SMC) using Matlab and Labview”.

The Matlab file will not be shared, I think the simulation is not difficult you can write in S-Function or by calling ODE solver from m-file. LabView source code can be seen (seeing source code or reading it :D) in the presentation file. I hope It is useful for the sake of education, sharing knowledge to the world -at least this is what I can do for now :(, hope I could give something useful to human being before I die-. Btw, if there’s something wrong with the equation please let me know. Oh and..don’t expect too much from the presentation file, I only did this less than 2 weeks, plus I am new to LabView and Matlab S-Function T_T.

After the encoder is installed to the motor I will post the video here, insyaAllah. Hope It will not take too much time for the experiment.

Updated 2008-05-07:

I did the experiment last february 2008, just able to upload it now caused by my laziness :D. I forgot to add in the presentation file, the inverter input is only positive DAC value from 0 to 10 V. Thus, if the control output is negative you need to make additional circuit to switch the direction (from forward to reverse, vice versa). (Look at my posting about the “Basic Switching Circuit”), also for safety you must add switches and hardwired to the inverter. Here are the setup and the video: (more…)


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