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Any of you who is using EPOS from MAXON motor and LabVIEW Real-Time might face the same problem with me. The RS232 -IMHO- is not fast enough to achieve real-time communication between the EPOS and RT controller, also I am using the LV-RT for the main program, thus it will be difficult to synchronize between two LVs program from two different computers which mainly caused by the communication overhead. The problem got worse when I knew that we could not download the EPOS dll file onto the RT. After getting my answer from NI forum, I decided to use the CAN Protocol which can reach up to 1Mbps.

CANOpen Terminate 120 Ohm

For the first trial, we have the IXXAT CAN-USB device. The question is, how to interface USB device to the RT? Because if I use this device, then it will be RT <-> USB <-> CAN, which means that I need a driver for IXXAT CAN-USB for the RT! I emailed the IXXAT company, the engineer replied that they do not support the LV-RT. Anyway I successfully send command through CANOpen with this device on Windows platform, but (more…)


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