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It has been so long since I posted my last article. Well, I think there aren’t so many I have learnt :(. At the moment I am just learning and digging simmechanics, and simulink with Matlab.

Last 3 months, I became teaching assistant in Mechatronix and Experiments class. I taught about microcontroller, specifically we were using AVR ATMEGA128, which was already fixed and bundled with many basic modules, LCD, GLCD, External SRAM, LM35 (temperature sensor), Buzzer, Speaker, RTC, LED, Stepper driver (Darlington transistor), hope I don’t miss anything.

OK128 with stepper motor

The instrument is called OK128 v2.0 and was bundled (I forget, whether it was bundled or I searched on the Internet) with examples written using WinAVR. This was my first time using WinAVR, after reading the manual I thought it would be difficult for the student (mechanical engineering student) to use this IDE (the compiler is GCC), I decided to port the codes to CodevisionAVR and create some libraries needed (don’t ask where I get the CVAVR =D).

I think this case will rarely happen, except you are living in South Korea, and got a chance to try the device.

You can download here:

Library OK128 Ported to CVAVR


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