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Again, still LabVIEW beginner. 🙂 I am currently reading an ebook titled “LabVIEW based Advanced Instrumentation System” by S. Sumanthi and P. Surekha, and IMHO this is a good book for beginner. I wish I could finish reading this book as soon as possible, because time is what I do not have 😦

Two days ago, I tried to control a stepper motor with ULN2803 and LabVIEW. FYI -again- I am new to LabVIEW, so don’t expect too much from this article. I have NI-PCI 6221 and NI-PXI 7358 with me, the later is specifically manufactured for motion controller but still it has the digital I/O. And in this article I am using the motion controller digital I/O to control the stepper, if you only have DAQmx you also still can use it to drive your stepper motor, because to control stepper motor only need digital output which you can generate from your DAQmx.

Here’s the LV source code:



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Yesterday, I tried to control a stepper motor using the L297 IC driver, but then I realized that I need another IC which could drive high current to the motor, similar to darlington transistor arrays. The ICs are being purchased at the moment for the need of lab experiment taught by my friend.

Oh well, I decided to learn how to generate a simple PWM in PCI-6221 on LabView -as you know I am always new in this, too many functions available, and I am not used to graphical programming-.

I utilized the counter 0 (DevX/ctr0) to turn on a LED (light emitting diode) that it will flicker according to the signal given. For this card the LED is located on PFI 12 (pin number 2).

Here is the front panel, where user can interact with the program: (more…)

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