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Actually, you could find many sites which already explained how to unlock a Mobily 4G router. However I feel that there are missing information on those sites, so I will try to explain on my own way.

Long story short

I bought the router 2nd hand from expatriates. And of course before choosing this router I already searched in the Internet that we could unlock this router or not. At the beginning I am using the router locked/default, and after 2 months, with my Mobily data plan is about to finish, and due to its service is very bad, my plan is to switch to Zain. FYI, I have tried all these three service providers (STC, ZAIN and Mobily) and in my opinion Zain has the best service – internet plan. I wish I could switch also my prepaid voice, but my mobile number is already everywhere.


  • This tutorial is only for your information, I am not responsible for any damages caused by this tutorial.
  • Click each image to zoom it
  • I wrote this article using the unlocked router 🙂


  • I found out that the firmware is very unstable, after 1-2 days, my router came to boot loop and I have to disassemble it. Even I had disassembled it, and removed the GSM module as some article said, it did not fix the problem. (more…)

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My Final Thesis

Tomorrow I’ll return to my country. I’ve been here (korea) for 2 years and 3 months. I underwent good and also hard time here, and Alhamdulillah, gladly I could pass them all. Here is a small video what I did for almost 2 years work:

I’d like to thank for everyone who has helped me during my stay in Korea.

The details are on my thesis, please note that the data is in preliminary test.


A 6-DOF Gait Rehabilitation Robot with Upper and Lower-Limb Connections that Allows Walking Velocity Updates on Various Terrains. Jungwon Yoon, Bondhan Novandy, Chul-ho Yoon, and Ki-Jong Park. IEEE Transactions on Mechatronics. Focused Sections: Healthcare Mechatronics. 2010. (Accepted)

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Old memory :)

Old memory, I learned assembly first time when I were in Senior High School, 2nd grade. I learned how to write a .com program using debug. And now, after several struggle I managed to dig in my brain and wrote the tiny program 🙂

-A 100
0B32:0100 MOV AH,02
0B32:0102 MOV DL,41
0B32:0104 MOV CL,1A
0B32:0106 INT 21
0B32:0108 INC DL
0B32:010A LOOP 106
0B32:010C INT 20H
CX 0000
Writing 0000E bytes
Program terminated normally

Volume in drive C is WINDOWS
Volume Serial Number is C012-9F20

Directory of C:\

09/10/2007 06:12 PM 14 ABC.COM
1 File(s) 14 bytes
0 Dir(s) 11,225,669,632 bytes free


I cannot remember which service interrupt used to put a single character into screen, well, here’s the reference:

Category: DOS kernel


	AH = 02h
	DL = character to write
Return: AL = last character output (despite the official docs which state
		nothing is returned) (at least DOS 2.1-7.0)
Notes:	^C/^Break are checked, and INT 23 executed if pressed
	standard output is always the screen under DOS 1.x, but may be
	  redirected under DOS 2+
	the last character output will be the character in DL unless DL=09h
	  on entry, in which case AL=20h as tabs are expanded to blanks
	if standard output is redirected to a file, no error checks (write-
	  protected, full media, etc.) are performed
SeeAlso: AH=06h,AH=09h

~Still remembering the first time I cracked a commercial software =P, lol, it was fun. Thx for the tutorial writer, sorry I forgot your name =D

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The promise

I promise to use english in this blog. This blog is intended to change the word :D. It should content my latest invention or knowledge. Don’t miss it :p

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